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On Neocities


This is my friend's site :) It's empty but I love my friend.

A Lamprey Respecting Website

I'm just tickled that someone made this site.

you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

A page to vibe and watch the fireflies.



A random-generator-creator site! You use a JavaScript-based markup (and other people's plugins!) to make random generators. It's really fun, and very flexible.

Weird little search engine that pulls up webpages with bad SEO. Personal websites, lots of text, oldschool site themes, stuff like that.

Android Arts - Digimon project

I found this really recently!! (On Marginalia!) I'm only linking this one page, but there's a lot of cool art on this person's site!

Kibo: HappyWeb 99 Proclamation/Manifesto

Silly webpage detailing a made-up alternative to the Web.

JS Paint

Classic MS Paint remade in JavaScript!