Added some color to the homepage :) Also set up something for conlangs, so will work on filling that out at some point.

22 Apr 2021

Made a few more pages for /y2k/!

19 Apr 2021

Working on a more eyestrainy side area (warning: gifs) for fun :)

18 Apr 2021

Think I got the footer how I want it. Played with the general page appearance, too! Edit: OH so that's how you make it so you don't have to see ".html" at the end of every page!

17 Apr 2021

Pages are all linked up and the links now update automatically across all pages. :)

16 Apr 2021

Mostly happy with the site's design now! :) Just need to fill up pages and link them. Gonna try and figure out how to not have to manually change the links sidebar lol.

15 Apr 2021